G.E.R.A.S. team

G.E.R.A.S. team

photography website template

Portfolio Description

Customer Vision

A great photographer and a good friend of ours had the vision to put his art into a website that would express his passion for photography. He also wanted to have a portfolio section representing his latest work. After talking more about how it should look and feel we decided to go for a minimalist website design. And there was one more thing he wanted to have: an ability for customers to order his photography services. 

Our Solution

Clean, simple, and minimalist website design representing all of the latest work right from the main page.

Photo galleries were divided into categories and placed on the home page for easy access. Each gallery has a masonry layout so, despite different photo dimensions, the whole collection is visible in a playfully fulfilled view.
We also used the same gallery style for a customer feedback section, gathering different dimension reviews on one neat page.
During the design process, our customer couldn’t decide if the light or the dark skin looks better for his website. So we came up with an idea to add a switch button between light and dark website modes.
As mentioned earlier, a great photographer wanted his visitors to be able to order his services online. That’s where e-commerce integration seemed like a perfect fit to turn this vision into reality. We created a gift cards page with an option for customers to choose from among different photography categories. Gerasteam. lt has made a great decision to kickstart a website with a limited-time gift cards discount offer. According to the photographer, he got his first online sales right on the first week after the website was published.

Portfolio Details